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International Student Basketball Cup is the annual tournament meant to showcase top college basketball teams of Russia and other countries. 

ISBC will be held in Moscow on May 18–24 with the participation of 13 teams from 12 countries: Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, China, Israel, Estonia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. We’ve attracted strong teams to show everybody just how exciting college basketball can be. 


ISBC is the successor of International Student Basketball League. Its championship was held from 2012 till 2017.

The ISBC is hosted by Association of student basketball. ASB is the official university basketball league in Russia. The league was launched in 2007. Our ultimate goal is to involve as many students as possible into the sport of basketball, providing each and every one of them with the best opportunity to grow his or her game. 

Numbers that define us: 

- 800 college and university teams playing every year; 

- 70 regions of the country represented in the league; 

- 4000+ games played every season; 

- 10 000 student-athletes currently in the league. 

ASB is the official partner of Russian Basketball Federation entitled to develop college basketball in the country.